Lee Macaulay

Inflation and JVT

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Here’s a digital audio news bulletin I wrote, produced and voiced for Amazon Alexa devices for BBC News in May 2022.

The green items are examples of extra content which can be accessed by saying “Alexa, More from BBC News” while listening to the previous story.

  • Welcome to BBC News
  • The cost of living sours as inflation hits 9%
  • Why is inflation so high?
  • Russian soldier admits war crime in Ukraine
  • Commons Speaker says MP on bail will not attend Parliament
  • BBC can publish MI5 agent story, says High Court
  • Teachers in Afghanistan set up secret school for girls
  • Afghanistan's secret school for girls (excerpt)
  • Shopper creates petition to stop self-service tills
  • JVT misses knighthood ceremony... with Covid
  • Check back anytime, just say Play BBC News