Lee Macaulay

Interactive News during the pandemic

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Here’s an example of an interactive news bulletin I wrote and produced in September for Amazon Alexa devices, now with faux interactivity provided here by my slightly hacked together javascript playlist function!

The audio that’s grey coloured would usually be available when you say the words, More from the BBC, so feel free to mouth them to yourself.

  • Welcome to BBC News with Lee Macaulay
  • Over half of Wales' population in lockdown by end of day
  • Labour says most students must get to go home for Xmas
  • Were the university Covid lockdowns predicted?
  • Amy Coney Barrett is Trump's Supreme Court pick
  • Who is Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett?
  • Detectives investigate locations linked to Croydon police shooting
  • No one offered top media jobs yet, says Culture Secretary
  • Protests for a seventh Sunday in Belarus
  • Our reporter in Belarus on the latest protests
  • Texans told, don't drink the water
  • Check back anytime