Five more years for Kendal Business Improvement District?

Will South Cumbrian businesses vote (and pay) for another five years of a Business Improvement District?

The Final Story

Here’s the factfile that I put together for a story which went out on BBC Radio Cumbria in November 2018. You can hear the final piece, with extra interviews done by BBC Radio Cumbria reporter John Bowness [1’20“] on BBC Sounds until December 7 2018.


  • 696 hereditaments (properties) are eligible to vote with a combined rateable value of £14,056,250.

To successfully renew Kendal Business Improvement District for another five year team (2019-2024) there must be a majority:

  • of the number of the businesses voting;
  • and of the proportion of the rateable value of those voting

The turnout in the first Kendal BID election was reported as 43%.

If this was repeated, a successful renewal would require:

  • 151 businesses to vote in favour with;
  • at least £3,022,095 in combined rateable value.



Votes by Premises: Individual businesses

Votes by Rateable Value: Individual businesses

Votes by broad category